Batch #001

A premium craft blend from the canes of the Caribbean

Pot and column
stilled oak barrel aged


the hurricane rum co.

The Hurricane Rum Company is a social initiative raising funds through a celebration of Caribbean culture, spirit and some of its finest produce.

The 2017 Hurricane season was amongst the most destructive on record, resulting in the loss of thousands of homes and lives.

Agency CEO Arlo Brady found himself grounded in New York by the fall out of one last year's major storms. He was moved to action upon seeing footage of the harrowing aftermath of the hurricane’s landfall.

And so, with a group of like minded friends, he set out to create a product that would raise money for those caught up in the devastation of disasters past and future.


Awarded By Appointment to the Court of The Netherlands, our master blenders have been sourcing the finest rums from around the globe for over three centuries.

Batch #001 blends 5 rums from across the Caribbean to create a unique flavour profile. Perfect sipped over ice or in our signature serve, the Little Tempest.

Complex and characterful, forging notes of smokey caramel, light ginger and vanilla spice.



We are proud to partner with ShelterBox, an innovative organisation founded on a belief in shelter as a human right.

Through this partnership we are able to ensure that all of the profits generated from the sale of our products support the rebuilding of the homes, lives and communities of those impacted by disaster. 

Like ShelterBox we understand that there is no one-size-fits all solution. The impact of each disaster and the need this creates within individual communities will vary greatly. The equipment we are funding, whatever shape it takes, gives people the hope and the power to transform their own lives.



1 part Jurácan Rum Batch #001
1 part white vermouth
1 part velvet falernum
1 part lime juice
1 egg white